Color Changing LED Light Glow Water Faucet

FaucetGlow Water Faucet LED Light changes color based upon the water temperature. It's "blue" when the water is cold or simply turned on. When the temperature reaches 89� F, it changes to "red" alerting you that the water is getting hot! The FaucetGlow water faucet LED light is fun and functional, it's ideal for the kid's bathroom and a smart gift for older people, too! Works on all USA faucets and includes universal adaptors.

Add a colorful light stream to any water faucet. The chrome faucet light turns on/off automatically with the water.

When the water temperature reaches 89 degrees, FaucetGlow LED faucet light turns from blue to red.

Two universal adapters are included. The FaucetGlow is simple and fast to install.

What our customers are saying about FaucetGlow:

"I love your LED faucet! My son never burns his hands anymore!" - Pam Moore

"Thanks for the color changing faucet. It gives my bathroom a unique touch!"  -Terri Patrick

"Works perfect! My kids love using the bathroom faucet in the dark." - Angie Stewart

"My friends love the LED water faucet light and even ordered some for themselves." - Carol Anderson

"The my whole family loves the FaucetGlow. We love it so much we bought them for Christmas presents this year." - Bonnie Goldstein

"Works so well that I bought one for my bathroom sink faucet and kitchen faucet!"  - Aaron Lewis


Cold = Blue  Hot = Red

Color changes with the water temperature! 

Store Price: $19.95
Special Price: $14.95



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Color Changing LED Light Glow Water Faucet